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Joint pains, muscle strains, or frequent stiffness, these are the regular members of our daily lives, now. Osteopathy deals with such kinds of health conditions related to our musculoskeletal system(Biomechanics). You’re suffering from repetitive injuries or chronic joint pains, a good osteopath is what you need. And if you’re wondering about who’ll be the best osteopath in Kolkata for you, then we assure you that your search ends here.

Best Osteopath in Kolkata

Osteopathy Treatment in Kolkata & Everything You Need to Know

Osteopathy deals with our entire body framework in a drug-free, holistic way of treating joints,  muscles, and also spines. With hands-on techniques for improving our circulation and retaining the balance in our entire system. A trained osteopathic expert can provide diagnosis and treatments with the application of manual techniques for several conditions like:

When you are searching for an osteopath near me online make sure that you find someone with proper accreditations and a license to practice. Osteopathy is a health procedure that is entirely patient-centric, so make sure your osteopath consults over an appointment before getting started. Osteopathy is a subject that deals with complete coordination of our body structure while identifying the source or the cause of our disability and pain.

A trained osteopath puts emphasis on the patient’s entire system, involving soft tissues like ligaments, muscles,  tendons, and also the nervous system and spine. The course for osteopathic manipulative therapy includes practical, hands-on treatment procedures like:

Basically, these osteopathic techniques can cover a very wide range of consists because the approach here is taken care with tenderness and it is also a very suited form of treatment for anyone, from newborn kids to old people with chronic health problems.

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People who are visiting their osteopath professional should go through a thorough physical examination session at first, before approaching any of the existing problems. With our expert

Osteopath professional ParthaSarathiNeogi and his hands of excellence guarantee you a comprehensive treatment plan to meet all your needs.

One of the best osteopath in Kolkata, our specialist provides one-on-one sessions to treat diverse conditions from pain management to sports injuries.

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Partha Sarathi Neogi
Partha Sarathi Neogi
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Dr. Partha Sarathi Neogi (PT) is high qualified physiotherapist, osteopath, and chiropractor. He treats all kinds of musculoskeletal pain neurological pain and dysfunction. He is well known for his excellent treatment procedure.

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